Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Luxe Look for Less: First Beauty Post

This luxe look for less post has a different spin than usual.  I tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips for the first time, which is essentially a cheaper alternative to a gel manicure.  The average cost of a gel manicure is about $30 compared to this product at $9 for 2 applications.  For any of you that don't know me, I am not a big fan of beauty products, but I thought this product was worth reviewing.  


I used the color Wishful Pinking.  The box says it lasts up to ten days, no dry time, and to peel and apply.  It comes with a cuticle stick, mini file, buffer, 16 strips, and directions.  The directions seemed much easier to use than it was.  

Pros                                                               Cons
- No drying time                                   - Difficult to apply (Hopefully gets easier with practice)
- Can remove with polish remover       - Began to peel after a few days
- Comes in many colors and patterns    - Did not last ten days (I kept it on for almost 5)
- Not as bad for nails as gel manicure

I would not recommend this product, unless you want to try a fun pattern.  I would have been much easier to just paint my nails this pink shade.  Since the box came with 2 applications, I will try it one more time and let you know if that goes any better.  I heard that a trick is to apply top coat after applying the stickers.  Do you have any tips for using this product?


  1. I tried the cheetah stickers once and I liked them while they lasted but they "chipped" really soon.

  2. Nice post! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) I'm following back!
    Emma x

  3. I've never used this but the color is pretty! :)


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