Sunday, March 4, 2012

Color Coded

Great inspiration for color coding!
One of my favorites from "Honey We're Home"-- so inspiring!

 My Dream Closet

Every few weeks, I re-begin to organize my closet.  That normally includes refolding and making a donate pile.  As much I as I try keep things in perfect order throughout the week, between laundry and looking for a particular top things always get out of sort.  Today, I did something out of the ordinary and color coded my entire closet.  With all the colored and patterned pieces I have recently acquired, I am hoping this will be a solution to find things quickly and stay organized.  Some of my favorite tips include keeping frequently used items in reach, using skinny hangers, and my next mission putting pictures of shoes on the outside of the boxes.  Being organized makes me feel better about myself.

I have heard great things about color-coding from friends.  I’m excited to be trying it out.  Do you have any tips on color-coding?

Be you only better


  1. i love these kind of days.. i even re-discover stuff i didn't even knew i had!!

    i don't have any tip for you, as i'm very neutral and trying to avoid that :/ i'm willing to try color-coding this spring! we'll see!

    of course we can follow each other.. i'm your new follower!


  2. OMG! I want that closet!!

    My color coding tip would be, use the rainbow sequence. It is easier to see which colors go together well too.



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