Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Glitter Sole Heels

I have become much more crafty since I started working as a preschool teacher.  I read another blog about how to do this and had to try it and share my tips.  Once I bought the mod podge, I instantly reminisced about being in Girl Scouts using it to make a collage on a jewelry box.

Pair of heels         Masking tape
Glitter               Mod podge 
Paint brush       Paper plate
                      Shoe box  

First, I took an old pair of heels from my closet.  I would recommend trying it first on an older pair of shoes, until you get the hang of it.  

Then, carefully tape the sides of the shoe along where you plan to glitter.  The more precise you are with the tape the better it will look.  
The site I read recommended mixing the modge podge and glitter together.  I found that by doing this it got too clumpy and messy.  
I recommend mod podging the entire bottom then sprinkling with glitter.  Then, tapping off the excess glitter.  I did this inside my classroom glitter box, but you could use a shoe box or plastic box at home.  I repeated this process three times to make sure it was sealed.  
The next day, I applied a final coat of mod podge as a sealer.  (Don't worry) The mod podge dries clear.

The final product turned out very well!  The process was very simple and I love how they look.  The glitter adds a special touch to a plain pair of black pumps.  These would be perfect to wear for a fun night out, prom, or wedding.

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  1. how cool!! I'll have to try this



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