Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Luxe Look for Less - Arm Candy

 These bracelets above are a luxe look for less version of the ones from J.Crew below. 

My fascination with bracelets has been growing.  Arm candy has been a popular trend for a while now.  My love for it has been slowly growing, I usually stick to layering a few bracelets at a time.  Apparently, I've been wearing a lot more than usual since my guy noticed, and let's be serious it takes a while for guys to pick up things like that.  He even joked the other day asking if I was going to have them go to my elbow!  

Over the weekend, my friend Macey was wearing a bracelet (like the blue one above) and told me she got hers at Target. I went yesterday and bought some colorful, inexpensive ones to mix with my other bracelets.  I want to thank Macey for letting me know about this awesome deal so I could share it with you :)

If you don't have a Target in your area, I also saw similar ones at Mango.



  1. Thanks for the heaads up!!


  2. Ok, Off to Mango soon! Unfortunately we do not have a Target :(

    Come walk my footsteps in my visit to Venice/Treviso:


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