Thursday, June 14, 2012

False Eyelashe Tips for Beginners

False eye lashes are not only for special occasions.  They are actually quite easy to apply yourself and can make any night feel special.  I bought Ardell brand from my local drugstore.

Tips for beginners:
1. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and make your lashes the center of attention
2. Before applying, hold them up to your eye to make sure they are the right size.  If not, trim them with a small scissor
3. Bend the lash strip into a C shape curve, this will prevent the corners from lifting
4. Apply Duo eye lash adhesive in black to the lash strips (even if they have self adhesive) for long lasting results
5. Don't rush to apply them.  After applying the glue, wait a few seconds to place them on your eyes.  This will prevent them from sliding
6. Carefully apply them as close to your natural lashes as possible, on top of your lashes (not on your eyelid)
7. Apply a few coats of mascara to blend the false lashes with your natural ones
8. After wearing, the steam from a hot shower can help loosen them.  Close your eyes and slowly peel them off.

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